What If YOU had no fear?

Here’s a piece written by one of the participants from a writing prompt at the My Avenging Angel Workshops that I conducted in Connecticut last weekend.

If I had no fear, I would
– Have no limits
– Jump into the unknown
– Dream big
– Conquer self-doubt
– Have my voice heard
– Say no and not feel like I have to explain
– Sing out loud.
– Not care about others’ judgments.
– Take chances.
– Express my love again.

YES!  I’m reading this piece aloud every morning so it can sink into my head!  I have a few of the lines posted on my computer monitor, like “I’m dreaming big” and “Have no limits.”  How about you?

If you would like more writing prompts from the workshops, check out The Thriver Workbook: Journey from Victim to Survivor to Thriver which contains all the writing exercises and motivational guidance I use in the workshops.

You can purchase it at www.thriverzone.storenvy.com.

— Susan Omilian

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