VIDEO Mini training – Step One: See the Journey

Video mini training - Step One: See the Journey

Thanks for signing up to take the first step on the road to thriving after abuse. I’m Susan Omilian, the Originator and Facilitator of My Avenging Angel Workshops and The Thriver Zone Motivational Model. On this page, you can download a free book chapter and watch the mini-training video that will introduce you to the Model’s Step One “SEE YOUR JOURNEY” exercise.  You’ll also learn more about all Seven Steps to Thriving After Abuse in this mini-training as well as about other exercises and resources in the book chapter.  

Buy The Book in Thriver Zone Series!
See Your Journey is one small piece of what’s in the first book of the series, Entering the Thriver Zone: A Seven-Step Guide to Thriving After Abuse. Order it here or the entire series and continue your healing journey from survivor to thriver!  
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Sign up for one of my FREE, two-day virtual My Avenging Angel Workshops. They are truly a transformational experience!  See what others say about the workshops and how to register at

For PROVIDERS:  Speaking and Train-The-Trainer

If you provide services to victims, survivors of abuse, check out the  training and speaking opportunities I offer. I can bring my Thriver Zone Motivational Model to your event, program or practice. Click here to schedule time for us to talk.  

"There is a journey beyond abuse, beyond being a victim or even a survivor. It is the journey to becoming a thriver: a healthy, happy person with a brilliant, productive future." - Susan Omilian

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