“I loved reading this book! Just as captivating as the earlier novels in the trilogy, Thrive completes the story over two decades, providing a rare glimpse into how families, friends, and institutions cope long-term with the traumatic, painful consequences of a dating violence homicide. Reflecting Susan’s own journey from surviving to thriving after her niece’s death, the scenes are so real you can’t make this up!”
– Adrienne Doughty, MA, Energy Healer, Reiki Master

BOOK THREE in The Best Revenge Series™ Inspired by True Event 

Thrive: The Journey of the Human Soul to Discover a Life of Purpose

Twenty years after the event that changed her life, Lisette is still haunted by the memory of Lacey Lockhart, the college student shot and killed in 1999 by her ex-boyfriend. As Lisette moves forward to take on new relationships and responsibilities, she looks for role models to navigate this promising world she now inhabits.

But will Lisette’s journey to find her purpose in life be deeper and harder than she thought? Will she have the courage to be the hero of her own story? Once again challenged to show her grit and resilience, Lisette continues her quest to find a place where she truly belongs and can thrive, not knowing what might happen next with an approaching worldwide pandemic.

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