Taking the Journey from Survivor to Thriver

Take The Journey

No matter where you are right now, your journey of healing and thriving begins with the first step.

“Surviving is Important. Thriving is Elegant.” 
Maya Angelou

From victim to survivor to Thriver!

There is a journey beyond violence and abuse, beyond being a victim or even a survivor.  It is the journey to a being a thriver with The Seven Steps to Thriving After Abusedeveloped by Susan Omilian.

Start with the recognition that after any life-altering event, there is either a road to recovery that brings new vigor and purpose to our lives or a spiraling down into anger, depression and hopelessness. Take the critical “next-step” on your road to recovery and move from surviving to thriving!

Enter the Thriver Zone with these Seven-Steps — See your Journey, Quiet the Inner Critic, Connect with the Happy Person Inside, Get Positive Energy, Vision a New Life, Overcome Fears and Set New Goals.  Live the life of your dreams by Staying in the Thriver Zone with a The Road Map for the Journey to the Real You™ as a thriver!

What is a thriver?

Does this sound like someone you’d like to be?

A thriver is a happy, self-confident and productive individual who believes that she has a prosperous life ahead. She is primed to follow her dreams, go back to school, find a new job, start her own business or write her story. She believes in herself and in her future so much that she will not return to an abusive relationship. She speaks knowledgeably and confidently about her experiences and is not stuck in anger or a need for revenge. Living well is her best revenge. She has found a network of women who understand and share her desire to move forward after abuse. — Susan Omilian

Are you stuck feeling like a “victim” or barely surviving after violence, abuse and trauma?

No matter what your experience has been with abuse, you too can thrive!

Happy Thriving Woman Greeting the Day

Where to Start

Entering the Thriver Zone: A Seven-Step Guide to Thriving After Abuse, Susan’s first book in The Thriver Zone Series™—— you’ll find that no matter where you are on your journey — victim, survivor, or thriver — you can reclaim your life and enter the Thriver Zone! Susan Omilian has been on her own journey to thriving since the death of her nineteen-year-old niece, Maggie, who was shot and killed by her ex-boyfriend in 1999.  Susan vowed to help other women move on after abuse, as Maggie could not.  Today, the motivational model that she has used successfully over the last two decades with hundreds of women is available in this book including the The Seven Steps on the Journey to the Real You™ to thriving!

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