Ten Tips to Thriving This Summer!

inset_3781332_oIt’s summer, my favorite time of year and I plan to enjoy every minute of it, don’t you!

My life’s work is about helping women to thrive, but I know how hard that can be, so I devised a Top Ten List to help us both out!

Top Ten Tips for Thriving This Summer

1.   BREATHE.   Take a moment to be present, feel happy because you are!

 2.   LAUGH.  Watch a fun summertime movie. My favorites are Dirty Dancing and Parent Trap.

 3.   EXPERIENCE.  Watch the sunrise, sunset. If you can do it sitting on a beach, all the better!

 4.   EXERCISE. Work up a sweat! Even if it is just walking around the block.

 5.   DE-CLUTTER.  Go on a stress-busting cleaning rampage. Donate used books & clothing!

 6.   MEDITATE.  Breathe, clear your mind, focus on an image. Use music/readings to soothe you.

  7.   SHARE.  Spend time with friends, talking.  Have a picnic, eat ice cream.  It’s summer!
  8.   EAT.  Indulge in your summer favorites.  Mine are potato salad, lobster and peach ice cream.

  9.   READ.  Enjoy a good story or inspiring workbook. Let your imagination take you away!

10.  RELAX!  Do whatever it takes to get you to “Ahhh….”

For more about Susan and her award-winning work helping women take the journey from victim to survivor to thriver, visit Thriver Zone!

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