Ten Tips for Thriving This Holiday Season

Blessed is the season which engages the whole world in a conspiracy of love.

– Hamilton Wright Marie


If your family life doesn’t look like the ones in the TV holiday movies on the Hallmark or  Lifetime Channels, you may struggle to figure out how to celebrate the season in a way that is authentic, true to yourself and not crazy making! For those of us with painful trauma histories from experiencing domestic violence, sexual assault and child abuse, fitting into any vision of an easy, bountiful and prosperous holiday season may be almost impossible.

But in our multi-cultural, diverse world, I believe we can find a theme that cuts across all of the end-of-the-year holidays that are celebrated in December including Chanukah, the Winter Solstice, Christmas, Kwanza and Ramadan. To me, the traditions, ideas and values of all of these holidays, no matter what their religious, spiritual or cultural background may be, are universal.

PEACE, JOY and LOVE are three words that come to my mind as reflected in all. Sure, these concepts may feel somewhat unobtainable in the times in which we live. But each year we do have the opportunity to give them a try, if not in the larger world around us then maybe in our own lives.

For me that means, doing more than surviving the holiday season before us. We want to actually “thrive” in peace, joy and love despite all that has happened to us this year or in previous years of our lives.

For some of you that is a very tall order. Your pain, struggles and trauma have been great, but you are also strong, resilient and brave. You can make it one of your best holiday seasons – not only for yourself but also for those around you – family, children, family, friends and loved ones. Let’s give it a try!  Let’s experience the spirit of the season as “thrivers” in PEACE, JOY and LOVE!

Here’s what that can means for all of us.

  • As a THRIVER, we let our Happy Person Inside come out to play.
  • As a THRIVER, we find joy in who we are and where we are right now.
  • As a THRIVER, we celebrate how far we’ve come. Wow! We did it!

To bring out this THRIVER spirit, I have a December tradition, one that I have shared with my Thriver community for many years now.

Below are my TEN TIPS FOR THRIVING this holiday season.

Let these tips inspire you, no matter where you are in your life, to find peace, joy and love this holiday season. Then carry that positive energy into the New Year  manifesting a life of power and purpose!

2023 will be a great year for thriving!  I can feel it. Let’s go for it!  We can do this!

Let’s turn the page and enter a new part of our lives.  This is our year to thrive!


TEN TIPS for THRIVING this Holiday Season

  1. Be Positive. Surround yourself with positive people and things. Choose intentionally who you spend time with over the holidays and how you spend that time with them. Think what will give the holidays meaning to you and do that!
  2. Change your holiday rituals or traditions. Try something new and different, maybe something you might not have done in the past. Be bold! Find your joy!
  3. Stay in the present. Don’t dwell what happened on past holidays. What is done, is done! You may not have had control over what happened then, but this year, in this time and space, you do. You can and will make the holidays special.  Yes you can!
  4. Quiet your Inner Critic. Don’t let it rule. Go with the best-case scenario, not the more negative thought. That negative voice in your head always has something to say and most of it isn’t good. Don’t let it compare your holiday celebration with past ones or anyone else’s. Tell it to go away, leave you alone or just ignore it.
  5. Eat & drink in moderation.Find ways to celebrate in good health. Overindulgence is not a way to have a great holiday. Have fun, but in moderation.
  6. Don’t expect too much or settle for too little. This season doesn’t have to be perfect, just happy. You may not be blown away by joy, but don’t sell yourself short either. Take a break! Relax and enjoy!
  7. Be compassionate with yourself and others. Let things go. Don’t try too hard. Focus on making someone else feel joy. Give rather than receive!
  8. Spend time alone. Being alone doesn’t mean being lonely. Give yourself quality time and go deep inside to discover for the true meaning of the season for you.
  9. Buy yourself a THRIVER gift. Nothing extravagant, but something that brings out and celebrates the thriver energy in you.  Something that lets the REAL YOU shine through for all the world to see.  You are a thriver!  Don’t hold back.  Go for it all!
  10. Most important of all . . . have FUN! Get your SPARKLE ON! Do something silly, crazy and outside your comfort zone. Step into the Thriver Zone in the New Year. 2023 is waiting for you. Make it your own! Make it your best year ever!




CLICK HERE for a downloadable, printable copy of  TEN TIPS TO THRIVING THIS HOLIDAY SEASON.  Enjoy!

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