Listen to the engaging conversations Susan has had with podcasters around the country.

Susan discusses abuse and how to transition from victim to thriver with podcast host Nellie Hutt.

Susan provides a legal perspective on laws addressing domestic violence

Susan discusses warning signs of abuse in a relationship.

Susan talks about her Seven Steps to Thriving After Abuse.

Susan discusses how women can go from survivor to thriver and reclaim their lives.

Susan discusses how living well is the best revenge for women who want to move on from abuse and thrive.

Susan discusses how women can thrive after domestic violence with Be Ruthless podcast host Samantha Ruth.

Susan discusses breaking the cycle of domestic violence with Less Stress in Life podcast host Deb Timmerman.

The Ms Texas Show co-host Melissa Santana talks with Susan about her work helping victims of abuse.

Host Sue Dhillon talks with Susan about surviving and thriving after suffering domestic violence.

Susan talks with podcast host Tanya Renee about her work as an attorney and women’s rights advocate helping women who have experienced domestic violence, sexual assault and child abuse take the journey from victim to survivor to thriver!

Being an Advocate for Others is the topic as Living Full Out podcast host Nancy Solari talks with Susan. (Fast forward to 15:30.) 

Susan talks with Michael Levy about her focus on helping women who have been the victims of abuse.

On this episode, Eric Skwarczynski talks with Susan about her  My Avenging Angel WorkshopsTM and her work with women who have been abused.

Susan discusses her mission to help women thrive after abuse on Living the Dream with Curveball podcast.

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