BOOK THREE in The Thriver Zone Series™ 

Living in the Thriver Zone:
A Celebration of Living Well
as the Best Revenge

Living well as your best revenge after abuse frees you to be happy, let go of your past and break the cycle of violence in your life. In Living in the Thriver Zone: A Celebration of Living Well as the Best Revenge, the third book in The Thriver Zone Series™ Susan Omilian invites you to revel in what you have accomplished so far as a thriver and celebrate how with new vigor, focus and purpose, you can live your best life ever!

Enter, Stay and then Live in the Thriver Zone™ where infinite possibilities lie. Discover your passion and authentic self. In this book, you will learn how you can use the tools in The Thriver Zone Motivational Model™ developed by Susan to:

  • See yourself as the Hero of your own story with a Call to Adventure.
  • Connect to your Happy Person Inside, a part of you untouched by all that has happened to you.
  • Vanquish the Inner Critic’s power to sabotage your journey forward.
  • Assemble your Thriver Zone™ Toolbox and find your happily-ever-after. 
  • Live in the ThriverZone™, a place of healing, positive thinking, and peace.

“Happy ever after isn’t a fairy tale. It’s a choice.”  — Fawn Weaver

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"Living well is not only the best revenge but the song of our soul and the fulfillment of all of our dreams." - Susan Omilian

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