Happy Holidays! Ten Tips for Thriving This Season

Holiday Wreath

The holidays can be challenging for those of us who are moving from Survivor to THRIVER in our lives.  Here’s my TEN TIPS FOR THRIVING at this time of the year and keep moving forward. You can do it!   

  1. Be Positive! Surround yourself with positive people and things.
  2. Change your holiday rituals or traditions. Try something new and different.
  3. Stay in the present!  Don’t dwell on things good or bad about past holidays.
  4. Quiet your Inner Critic. Don’t let it rule you. Go with the best-case scenario!
  5. Eat & drink in moderation. Find ways to celebrate in good health.
  6. Don’t expect too much or settle for too little. No need to be perfect, just happy!
  7. Be compassionate with yourself and others. Give yourself a break and relax!
  8. Spend time alone. Solitude can be good, quality time for you.
  9. Buy yourself a THRIVER gift! Celebrate the thriver energy in you!
  10. Most important of all . . . have FUN! Find joy this holiday season. You deserve it!
REMEMBER:  Living Well is the Best Revenge! 

In the New Year, get your SPARKLE ON

and get into The Thriver Zone!

 Happy Holidays! 







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