BOOK ONE in The Thriver Zone Series™ 

Entering the Thriver Zone:
A Seven-Step Guide to
Thriving After Abuse

There is a journey beyond abuse, beyond being a victim and even a survivor. It is the journey to becoming a “thriver” — a healthy, happy person with a brilliant and productive future!

Ready to take this life-changing journey of self-discovery and permanently break the cycle of violence and trauma in your life? In her book, Entering the Thriver Zone: A Seven Step Guide to Thriving After Abuse, Susan Omilian, an attorney, author and motivational speaker, invites you into a limitless world of possibilities that can revive your wounded spirit and make your dreams come true for a better, more satisfying life.

Susan has successfully used The Seven Steps on the Journey to Thriving After Abuse to assist hundreds of women on their journey and with her book’s easy-to-use worksheets, invigorating writing exercises and inspirational Thriver success stories, you will:

  • See your journey from struggle to transformation to “happy ending.”
  • Quiet negative voices and Connect with Happy Person Inside.
  • Access positive energy to push through your fears.
  • Set new, achievable goals fueled by POSITIVE energy.

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"A thriver: a healthy, happy person with a brilliant, productive future." - Susan Omilian

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