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Where are you on your journey to thriving? Choose your path!


I am a victim of abuse. Where do I go now from here? 

If you are currently in an abusive relationship or dealing with a recent sexual assault, you are in the “victim” phase of your journey. There it is important to identify as a victim and seek help with the impact of this experience on you and your children.

Learn the Warning Signs of Abuse in a Potentially Abusive Relationship. Contact national hot-line resources listed on that page for help and support to safely leave an abusive relationship or deal with a sexual assault. They can connect you to a local resource to help you make a “Safety Plan.”  Be in the know and be safe!

MOVE BEYOND VICTIM!  Read the Thriver Success Stories on this site for inspiration. Once you are safe, revisit this site and learn more about taking the critical next-step on the journey from Victim to Survivor to Thriver!


I was a victim of abuse.  I want to do more than survive!

Moving beyond survivor means stripping off the protective armor that keeps you in that vicious cycle of victim-to-survivor and then back to victim again.  Read Lora’s Success Story about taking off her “survivor armor” on the Success Stories page.


Take the The Seven Steps on the Journey to Thriving After Abuse™ included in Susan’s first book,  Entering the Thriver Zone: A Seven-Step Guide to Thriving After Abuse, in her award-winning The Thriver Zone Series.TM

MORE THAN A SURVIVOR!  With easy-to-use worksheets, invigorating writing exercises and inspirational thriver success stories, this book can help you see your journey beyond abuse.  Learn how to connect with the Happy Person Inside You, the part of you untouched by all that has ever happened to you and set new, attainable goals for your new life as a thriver!


I am a thriver.  How do I stay in Thriver Zone?

Now you are a thriver —  a happy, self-confident and productive individual who believes you have a prosperous life ahead of you. But how can you stay in the Thriver Zone and even live there without going back to just surviving?

You’ll need  The Road Map for the Journey to the Real You™ included in Susan’s second book, Staying in the Thriver Zone: A Road Map to Manifest a Life of Power and Purpose.  With positive energy, you can focus your desires, overcome your fears and find the Real YOU, your true, authentic, amazing self!

In Susan’s book, Living in the Thriver Zone: A Celebration of Living Well as the Best Revenge, you read the Thriver Success Stories of seven women who, with Susan’s help, have taken the journey beyond abuse. They have reclaimed their live and living well! 

“You basically have two choices about how to live your life. One is to be a survivor and the other is to be a thriver. Be a thriver.” - Thomas Friedman

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