Celebrate Susan and Maggie’s Birthday with a Donation!

Maggie and Susan on birthday cropped
Maggie and Susan share a birthday — and a Care Bear cake — in 1985.

Each year, Susan Omilian celebrates her birthday on August 23rd which she shares with her niece Maggie by asking for donations to the CT-ALIVE Scholarship Fund.  Maggie was shot and killed at age nineteen by her ex-boyfriend on a college campus in Michigan. After Maggie’s death, Susan vowed to help women who had survived abuse to move on and “thrive” as Maggie could not.  This innovative work which provides free services to women is supported by CT-ALIVE.

The CT-ALIVE scholarship fund is for women who cannot afford to pay rental fees charged by Mercy Center in Madison Connecticut where a private retreat weekend is held in May and September each year.  The weekend gives women time to relax, re-energize and reconnect.

One of the participants described the weekend retreat experience for her as:

I take this slice of serenity, the sound of the ocean and the fellowship and sharing of friends with me to fortify me when I am feeling burdened or unsure. Knowing that a group of women cared and supported me, encouraged and loved me gives me great strength. Feeling worthy is the souvenir I take home.”

The CT-ALIVE  Scholarship Fund provides a source of funds for retreat goers with eligibility based on economic need. A recipient of a scholarship agrees to repay the fund, if possible, so as to benefit others in the future.

Please consider making a tax-deductible donation so that Susan can continue to offer this fabulous retreat to every woman who needs and deserves it!


Your donation is tax-deductible

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