ROAD MAP to the Real YOU!™

There is a “Real You” inside who is just waiting to get out! She is the thriver and the Happy Person Inside, and she is fabulous! We know she is there. She is our strongest advocate and…

Fairy Tales Can Come True

For women who have lived through abuse, it is hard for us to imagine that we can create the life we want, or that fairy tales can indeed come true. But they can. Each of us has an inner “road map” that can lead us to our happy ending. We just have to discover that path and go there!

7 Steps on the Journey to Thriver

To help women move into the THRIVER ZONE after abuse, Susan Omilian has developed a Seven-Step motivational model using writing exercises and interactive activities that she has used successfully in her My Avenging Angel Workshops™ and has included in The Thriver Workbook…

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