7 Steps on the Journey to Thriver

To help women move into the THRIVER ZONE after abuse, Susan Omilian has developed a Seven-Step motivational model using writing exercises and interactive activities that she has used successfully in her My Avenging Angel Workshops™ and has included in The Thriver Workbook…

Journey Beyond Abuse

There is a journey beyond abuse… Beyond being a victim — or even a survivor. It is the spiritual journey to becoming a “thriver” …a healthy, happy person with a brilliant, productive future. Enter the Thriver Zone and take the Journey to the Real YOU!™ Transformation awaits!

Thriver: Moving On After Abuse

“Thriver: Moving On After Abuse” tells the dramatic story of how Susan Omilian, originator and facilitator of My Avenging Angel Workshops™ and author of The Thriver Workbook, was inspired after a personal tragedy to help women move on after abuse, including the four women who…

Thriver Shields

This is a post about one of the Expressive Workshops offered by the Thriver Zone. This is placeholder text: Lia perissu ntibus im nem evel inus volorpor molupta serum arum excepti nctores et excesente ipsum rest eligeni hilicabor sum explicae eicia si aut quam faciand iciur, opta plab illesequia quatur aut eatemos maio odia comnis …

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