Archangel "Thriver" Community

A community of women who are taking the journey from victim to survivor to thriver and gather to re-energize and renew their commitment to move beyond abuse and reclaim their lives.

A Gathering of our Amazing Thriver Archangels

The Archangel “Thriver” Community is a group of women who have attended from Susan Omilian’s My Avenging Angel Workshops™  and continue to meet regularly in-person and virtually for support, guidance and encouragement. They learn from each other how to stay connected with the “thriver” energy they each carry inside.

Activities include a monthly follow-up session to check-in on short- and long-term goals and interactive activities like arts and crafts projects to keep the positive energy going.  Other positive, upbeat activities include retreat weekends, summer events and holiday gatherings.

Archangel Community

How the Archangel Thriver Community Came to Be

When Susan Omilian began conducting her My Avenging Angel Workshops™ in 2001, she wanted to lead women who have been abused in two six-hour workshop sessions through a series of writing and focusing exercises to allow them to see the journey they are on – from victim to survivor to “thriver.” She also wanted them to set new goals for themselves that flow from the “thriver” energy so as to move permanently out of the cycle of violence and reclaim their lives.

But Susan didn’t want to lose track of these women after the basic, introductory workshop was over. She decided to form a community of “thrivers” to inspire and connect everyone together.  These gatherings would be different than a domestic violence or sexual assault support group for those still in crisis.  Instead, this community would be about moving forward after abuse. 

Today Susan’s Archangel Community is alive and thriving in-person Connecticut and now virtually on ZOOM! The women took the name “Archangel” so they could feel that they had “graduated” from the “Angels” in the basic workshop to Archangels, something bigger, better and very special.  The community’s activities and events now offer momentum and strength to all!

I clearly remember the day I found you, Susan, and attended one of your free workshops. I relaxed when I walked through the door knowing that it was a beginning to living well and finding myself again. You encourage us to stay strong and follow our dreams. Most of all, you have made me feel included and for that I thank you. Living well IS the best revenge . . .” - D.L., Connecticut

Free Workshops, Activities in Thriver Community

Susan provides the My Avenging Angel Workshops™ and the Archangel Community activities free-of-charge with costs for the weekend retreat underwritten by a sliding-scale scholarship fund. To keep them free, please donate by visiting

In addition, Susan’s The Thriver Zone Series™ of books including Entering the Thriver Zone: A Seven-Step Guide to Thriving After Abuse contains the motivational guidance she has used in the popular My Avenging Angel Workshops™ since 2001.  The books will take you step-by-step through powerful and life-changing exercises, writing prompts and interactive activities that Susan has successfully used in her workshops for the last fifteen years!  Check out the Thriver Success Stories of our Archangels, too!

Support the Workshops and Our Thriver Community

Susan Omilian’s My Avenging Angel Workshops and follow-up programs are supported by the Connecticut Alliance for Victims of Violence and Their Families, Inc. (  a non-profit 501c3 organization. They are offered free-of-charge to victims of abuse including domestic violence, sexual assault and child abuse.  Your generous support makes it all possible and it is greatly appreciated and much needed. Please consider making a donation to CT-ALIVE today. Thank YOU!

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