7 Steps on the Journey to Thriver

To help women move into the THRIVER ZONE after abuse, Susan Omilian has developed a Seven-Step motivational model using writing exercises and interactive activities that she has used successfully in her My Avenging Angel Workshops™ and has included in The Thriver Workbook: Journey from Victim to Survivor to Thriver!

[tabs slidertype=”top tabs”] [tabcontainer] [tabtext]STEP 1[/tabtext] [tabtext]STEP 2[/tabtext] [tabtext]STEP 3[/tabtext] [tabtext]STEP 4[/tabtext] [tabtext]STEP 5[/tabtext] [tabtext]STEP 6[/tabtext] [tabtext]STEP 7[/tabtext] [/tabcontainer] [tabcontent] [tab]STEP 1: I’ll help you see your journey… by beginning with a writing exercise about your favorite fairy tales. These stories can help you see that in everyone’s life there is a struggle of some kind (e.g., a loss of a job, divorce, illness, abuse, violence). That struggle can be overcome by a life-altering event (e.g., Cinderella meets the fairy godmother, Sleeping Beauty wakes up) that sets us on the road to the happy ending. No matter how many times I do this exercise, the women always tell me they believe in the happy ending. It will be our work, then, to get you there… to the Happy Ending![/tab] [tab]STEP 2: We’ll quiet down the Inner Critic… that negative voice in our head from childhood that becomes overprotective and too rigid for us as adults. For an abused woman, that voice will tell us we are no good, stupid, can’t do anything right, and it can also be the voice of the abuser. With an interactive exercise, we will tune into the voice of our Inner Critic, learn to respond to it and create affirmations to help quiet its chatter and reduce its potency to sabotage or derail us on way to our Happy Ending![/tab] [tab]STEP 3: We’ll connect with the Happy Person Inside… a part of us that has probably been trounced down by the abuse in our lives. She is the cheerleader inside us who loves us, supports us and guides us with great wisdom if only we would listen.[/tab] [tab]STEP 4: We’ll get the positive energy going again in our lives… by working with the energy of the Happy Person Inside us and shifting our focus to express gratitude for all the good things in our lives — past, present and future! [/tab] [tab]STEP 5: We’ll vision a new life for you and your children… beginning with focusing on what you are passionate about and what dreams and desires you may have given up on in your life. We’ll look at what drives us to find the work we love, such as the search for meaningful work, the need to help others or make the world a better place. Then we’ll work on manifesting what we desire. We can do it! [/tab] [tab]STEP 6: We’ll overcome our fears and limiting beliefs… such as “Abuse has always been a part of my life. I can’t do anything about it.” or “Bad things always happen to me.” or “There is no way I can create the life I want right now.” We’ll explore peak experiences in our lives and identify positive patterns so we can repeat them again.[/tab] [tab]STEP 7: We’ll set new short-term and long-term goals… that will reflect the new, positive energy in our lives and allow us to thrive, not merely survive our abuse. We’ll look at dreams deferred, like going to law school, traveling around the world, writing a book, and we’ll set out simple, easy steps so we can attain goals without any more delay.[/tab] [/tabcontent] [/tabs]


Susan’s work is unique and innovative as she has not only articulated a journey to wholeness for women who have been abused, but also provides a clear path for them to take that journey. With the kind of growth and renewed self confidence Susan’s work promotes, women can permanently break the cycle of violence and reclaim their lives.

Now that you know the Seven Steps, get ready to discover the Road Map for the Journey to the Real YOU!

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