There is a journey beyond abuse, beyond being a victim or even a survivor. It is the journey to becoming a thriver, a healthy, happy person with a brilliant, productive future. Take the journey. Transformation awaits! – Susan Omilian

Are You a Thriver?

Imagine yourself connecting with a part of you untouched by all you have experienced — domestic violence, sexual assault, abuse, trauma, hurt and pain. From that special place inside, positive energy would flow and your desires would push you beyond your fears to enjoy the amazing life you always dreamed of — the life of a THRIVER!

Driven by a desire to help women move on after abuse after the death of her niece Maggie killed by her ex-boyfriend, Susan Omilian vowed to help other women move on after abuse as Maggie could not. An attorney, author, motivational speaker, Susan has worked to end violence against women for the last forty years. Her award-winning work described as “life-changing” comes together here in the THRIVER ZONE — a healing place for women who want to reclaim their lives after abuse.

Susan's Books
and Materials

Need a step-by-step guide, a road map and, of course, a destination for your journey to thriving?

Susan Omilian’s non-fiction books in The Thriver Zone SeriesTM and her novels in The Best Revenge SeriesTM can inspire and motivate you on that journey. You’ll have Seven Steps to Thriving and a Road Map to Manifest  a Life of Power and Purpose.  Take the critical next step in your life today and move from survivor to thriver!

“Susan’s books and novels are great teaching tools. They give hope to victims that they can heal and build a life after trauma and abuse.” —  domestic violence counselor

Take the journey to empowerment

Take the critical “next-step” on your road to recovery and move from surviving to thriving! In the Thriver Zone with Susan Omilian, you’ll develop the self-confidence and strong positive attitude.

   You’ll find opportunity in loss so that you can live your dreams and find a life of power and purpose as a THRIVER!  That journey from  can be yours today! Susan’s guidance and motivation can take you on this journey!

“Susan has been there for me, encouraging me to seize opportunities to move forward with my life.”  — a workshop participant

Speaker, Trainer, Workshop Leader

Susan Omilian is an experienced and inspiring speaker with a unique motivational model to share and a dramatic story to tell. Learn more about the motivational materials Susan has developed that can empower women to move beyond the abuse in their lives and thrive after abuse. She can speak on a variety of topics relating to this journey beyond abuse to suit the needs of your audience.

Susan can train you and your staff or organization on her innovative, groundbreaking work that can inject new, exciting ideas and energy into your program, or invigorate your private practice.


In October, 1999, Susan’s niece Maggie – a bright, talented nineteen-year-old college student with a brilliant future ahead of her – was shot and killed by an ex-boyfriend in a college dorm room. Shocked and outraged, Susan vowed to this tragic death into an opportunity to help others move on with their lives as Maggie could not. Susan’s unique and innovative work in the Thriver Zone over the last twenty years is a  tribute to her niece.

No longer a victim, beyond a survivor, a thriver on the brink of a new life!